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                  The Bank was incorporated on September 9, 1908.  Frank X. Badura became the first Chairman.  The bank was chartered on November 2, 1908 with an initial investment of $25,000 (The Badura family held a 40% stake).  The bank was built and furnished for approximately $6000, the safe and vault cost $925, and equipment (posting machine & adding machine) was purchased for approximately $960.  The bank’s first official day of business was December 9, 1908.  Its first customer that day was a woman named Antonia Kaminski and the day ended with total assets of $15,459.60.

                  In 1913, Stanley Badura, son of Frank X. Badura, joined the bank becoming the second generation.  In 1933 a second son, Peter I. Badura, joined the bank and eventually became President  & CEO.  Peter I. would also become a prominent political figure in Sherman County serving as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.  and the first President and organizer of both the Loup Valley Reclamation Project and the Farwell Irrigation District.  Peter I.’s son Ralph would become the third generation joining the bank in 1941.  He served as the VP/Cashier until his retirement in 1986.  Ralph’s wife, Claudine Badura also worked in the bank.  Peter I.’s son, Roman Badura joined the bank in 1958 and eventually became President & CEO and retired in 2000.  Peter I.’s daughter, Lois (Badura) Kaminski joined the bank in 1986 and would retire in 1997.  Kim (Badura) Mostek, daughter of Peter I.’s son Gerald, worked in the bank for several years.  In 1996 Claude  Badura, Ralph’s son, would join the bank and become President & CEO, his current position. Nancy J. Badura, Claude’s wife, joined the bank in 1997 and Nick Badura, Roman’s son, joined the bank in 1998 and is the current VP/Cashier.   Chris Badura, Claude’s son, joined the bank in 2009.  He serves as both the Compliance & Marketing Officer and is the fifth generation.

                   In the mid 1970’s the Badura family assumed 100% ownership in the bank and that is how it remains until this day. Current shareholders (listed alphabetically) are:  Chris Badura, Claude & Nancy J. Badura, Mike & Nancy Badura, Nick Badura, Roman Badura, Adrianna (Badura) Davis, Lois (Badura) Kaminski, & Rebecca (Badura) Parker.   Current board members (listed alphabetically) are: Chris Badura, Claude Badura, Nick Badura, Roman Badura, Adrianna (Badura) Davis, & Lois (Badura) Kaminski. Current employees (listed alphabetically) are: Chris Badura, Claude Badura, Nancy J. Badura, Nick Badura, Karen Dale & Taylor Pickar.

                  The bank became automated on January 1, 1984.  It added CD’s and savings accounts on January 1, 1987. The bank purchased Badura & Son Grocery Store in 1998 allowing it to expand and be fully remodeled.  The bank also owns the other half of the store, which will allow for future expansion if necessary.  The bank also began offering debit cards eventually leading to the addition of an ATM in 2013, allowing customers access to their funds after hours and to serve everyone in Ashton and now access 24/7 via online banking.

                  In 2013 the bank reached new heights, by crossing the $25 million mark in assets.  For the bank that is a huge accomplishment, but in the grand scheme of things the Ashton State Bank remains one of the smallest banks in the nation.  However, being small allows us to be closer to our customers and the community.  We are proud of being an AG bank (top ten in the nation in AG loan concentration) and are proud of being a community bank.  We believe in giving back to our community, by offering higher return on accounts and working hard to provide the personal touch that only a small bank can provide when it comes to lending and customer service.  We also believe in generously supporting our community and will continue to be here for everyone for years to come.